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What does Illness-related Absence Cost?

Sick leave in the Netherlands was at the end of the 70's around 10%. Thanks to considerable effort this fell to around 4% in 2009. In 2010, the percentage was around 4.2%. The decrease in illness-related absence rate seems to have come to an end.

The recent study by TNO [1] teaches us that a reduction in absenteeism results in a huge cost saving. From the report, and additional information from CBS, we can distill the following:

What does Illness-related absence cost in your industry?

Wat kost verzuim in uw branch?

Illness-related absence cost per employee per year.

It appears that industry sectors with high absenteeism often have tough jobs. That can be physically demanding work, but a psychological burden delivers an even greater contribution to absenteeism in the Netherlands.

Costs of (temporary) replacement of illness-related absent staff are often not included in national figures, but they are of great importance.

What does illness-related absence cost as a percentage of salaries?

Wat kost verzuim als percentage loonsom?

Illness-related absence as a percentage of salaries per employee per year

Illness-related absence - total costs per employee?

Wat kost verzuim - totaal kosten?

The costs per employee per year of (temporary) replacement of illness-related absent personel differs per industry sector.


[1] Het recente TNO onderzoek: Zieketverzuim in nederland in 2010. Download: pb_2012_11_ziekteverzuim_in_nl_2010.pdf

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